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Why might you need us?

Do you have banking that is:

  • Inefficient with too many relationships or accounts;

  • Provides insufficient cash access and visibility at head office; and

  • Not supporting global cash management activity?

How can we help

We assist our clients to identify opportunities for improvement and implement change. Following a three-phase approach, we will:

  • Review and analyse their existing banking framework (relationships, accounts, structures and services) and make recommendations for change;

  • Use an RfP process to evaluate and select alternative banking offers; and

  • Implement the revised structure.

Case study

A UK-based corporate had a simple ‘single bank’ solution that did not meet the challenge of its expanding global retail-level presence.

The client required increased balance visibility, local cash handling and cost-effective pan-European banking while optimising the number of banking partners across UK, Germany, France and the Nordic region.

Over three months, our project involved:

  • A review of the existing banking arrangements and medium-term requirements;

  • Advice and guidance on potential banking structures;

  • Generation of bank long-list;

  • Meetings with prospective banks, before issuing an RfP to short-listed banks;

  • Analysis of RfP responses; and

  • Final report with recommended solution and implementation timeline.

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