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System Selection

Why you might need us?

Are your existing treasury processes and reporting overly time-consuming, risky or complex?

Do you need expert guidance to select the right automation solution for your business?

How can we help

Providing independent advice, Dakota Advisory can help you source and select the right TMS or liquidity solution for your business by:

  • Reviewing your current and medium-term treasury requirements;

  • Understanding linkages with internal and external systems; and

  • Considering what analysis and reporting is required.

We will manage the whole selection process including:

  • Drafting a requirements document;

  • Liaising and short-listing prospective system vendors;

  • Hosting demonstrations and reviewing RFP/pricing proposals; and

  • Recommending a solution and implementation timeline.

Treasury System Reviews

Why might you need us?

Do you have treasury systems that are underperforming due to poor implementation, lack of maintenance, insufficient integration or changes in the business?

Our cost-effective review process can assist you to determine whether existing systems should be replaced or updated.

How can we help

We work directly with your finance, treasury and IT teams to complete an “as-is” review highlighting:

  • Whether underperformance arises from poor implementation, lack of support, a general obsolescence or something more fundamental;

  • Where existing processes, security and control fall short of recognised best practice;

  • Functional gaps within the system and/or its links with the ERP and banking systems;

  • Whether the system meets future requirements; and

  • Options, and timescale, for change.

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