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Why you might need us?

With a higher cost of funds, the importance of good liquidity (cash) management increases.

Do you have a robust liquidity management process that:

  • Supports short and medium term decision making;

  • Provides comfort and governance to existing and potential lenders; and

  • Identifies, optimises and releases surplus cash trapped in the business?

How can we help

Dakota Advisory are experts at helping companies improve their liquidity management by:

  • Undertaking reviews of cash related processes, relationships and reporting;

  • Improving liquidity management frameworks, including short- and medium- term cash forecasting models;

  • Working with tax advisors to build effective intercompany loan frameworks;

  • Impartially supporting the selection of 3rd party cash forecasting and bank balance visibility systems; and

  • Updating policy and processes.

Case Study

We recently worked with a pan-European regulated business to develop and embed a new cash forecasting framework.

Our support included the reengineering of their cash forecasting process with a new Group-wide policy and the development of an more automated reporting and analysis model.

Despite constrained client resources, medium term IT infrastructure plans and the requirement for rapid implementation, liquidity management processes were substantially improved with:

  • Greater control, visibility and governance;

  • Higher levels of subsidiary engagement; and

  • A revised and more automated reporting process.

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