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Debt raising

Why might you need us?

Do you need assistance in raising bank debt financing?

How can we help

After understanding your strategic and financial requirements we will work with you to:

  • Consider suitable banks to approach and generate a high level ‘teaser document’;

  • Facilitate information sharing meetings with shortlisted banks;

  • Review offer documents and make recommendations within a competitive tender process; and

  • Support negotiation of key terms in the final financing offer.

Debt compliance

Why might you need us?

Financing arrangements can often generate complicated monitoring and reporting requirements, which we can quickly and efficiently assist you to manage.

How can we help

Having reviewed your financing documents, we will provide you with:

  • A high level summary of the main terms, conditions and restrictions in clear and non- legalistic, language;

  • A reporting calendar showing all the key dates for payments and compliance;

  • A suite of models enabling you to calculate covenants and monitor restrictions and baskets; and

  • Internal compliance checklists for Group companies acting as guarantors to the facility.

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